Use the following books to broaden your knowledge about psychopaths and sociopaths.  The life you save may be your own or that of a loved one.  You can click on the
book or on the link below it. Four of the five books mentioned in the
Huffington Post article on how to spot psychopaths in your life
Snakes in Suits
Dr. Robert Hare
Without Conscience
Dr. Robert Hare
A Dance with the Devil
Barbara Bentley
The Sociopath Next Door
Dr. Martha Stout
Puzzling People
Thomas Sheridan
More books to consider:
Psychopaths are experts at manipulating facts and twisting the truth.  If
a victim becomes suspicious and challenges a story, the psychopath
responds without hesitation, offering a plausible explanation that often
contains a kernel of truth.  At other times, they will smoothly glide away
from the question.  No matter which way the psychopath gives an
answer, the victim is left feeling foolish or crazy.
          Barbara Bentley
         A Dance with the Devil
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Barbara Bentley
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