This website provides information about antisocials (psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists).
It also includes resources to assist victims as they struggle to regain their lives the antisocials crazy-making world.

I believe one person who can make a difference. I also believe that the public can best protect themselves from becoming the victim of an antisocial by continuing to educate themselves on their traits. I also believe that many victims do not know where to turn for help. And many victims want to share their story or turn to advocacy based on their experiences. My hope is that this website will benefit you in some way.

When I decided to write A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL: A TRUE STORY OF MARRIAGE TO A PSYCHOPATH I didn’t realized the story was not complete and that with passion, planning, patience and persistence, I would go on to change the no-fault divorce law of California. I now share what I have learned in this website. I include information about psychopaths, resource and recovery, advocacy, writing and publishing including my many events show that being published by a New York publisher definitely requires a lot of publicity from an author.

I could never have imagined my recovery would be so hard won, or that a psychopath would be so hard to lose. But I would not change my experiences. I am grateful that I didn’t die on that stormy day so I could go on to help others in ways that I never imagined.

Thank you for visiting.

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