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The first stirring of romantic and sexual feelings can be an exciting time for an adolescent, and dating can be lots of fun.
However, being intimate with another person can make a teen vulnerable to violence at the hands of his or her romantic
partner. Teens who experience abuse, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, may find themselves feeling confused and
ashamed and unsure of where to turn. It is important for any victim of abuse to understand that he or she is not at fault. It is
also important for victims to seek out help. The best thing to do is to confide in a parent, teacher, or other trusted adult. If
that is not possible, a teen who is experiencing dating violence should turn to her friends for support. Nonetheless, the
reality is that many teens who are victims of abuse at the hands of a romantic partner tell no one. For teens who cannot
bring themselves to tell anyone about what they are going through, there are many non-profit organizations and resource
centers that are available to help.

LOVE IS RESPECT: This site offers educational resources for teens who suspect that they may be involved in an abusive
relationship but do not know where to turn, as well as tips for staying safe when one has been a victim of dating violence.
Pull down menus under Dating Basics, Is This Abuse, Get Help, and Take Action offer a variety of information related to
teen dating. There are also several quizzes to help you understand if you or a friend is in an abusive dating relationship.

DATING VIOLENCE: A Dating Bill of Rights: This page from the website of the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic
Violence offers information about teen violence, including signs that can serve to warn teens that a dating partner may
become abusive, a sidebar that sets out a “dating bill of rights” and a section on safety planning that encourages teens to
confide in adults about abuse and advises them to change lockers, phone numbers, and routes to school and keep numbers
of trusted friends, adults, and community resources at the ready.

TEEN DATING VIOLENCE:    Dating violence can happen to any teen in a romantic, dating, or sexual relationship,
anytime, anywhere. But it doesn't have to happen at all. Learn how to prevent teen dating violence and to promote healthy
relationships with
CDC's online resources.

STATE LAWS ON TEEN DATING VIOLENCE:  Scroll down on the National Conference of State Legislators page to
find your state's laws.
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