Barbara grew up in a small Northern California blue collar town. She graduated summa cum laude with a Marketing degree from Golden Gate University. When Barbara decided to write A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL as a way to help others she knew she would need to hone her writing skills. She read books, joined writing organizations and attended writing workshops. Her efforts succeeded when she obtained a New York Literary Agent and New York publisher.

Barbara willingly shares her experience whenever the opportunity arises. She is a motivational speaker who has spoken to diverse organizations. Her story generates public interest. She has been featured on television shows including Erin Brockovich’s show FINAL JUSTICE. In 2009 her DATELINE NBC appearance was titled “The Years of Living Dangerously.” Her story has also been filmed by a Canadian production company for THE DEVIL YOU KNOW series and a Washington D.C. company for WHO THE BLEEP DID I MARRY series. The shows air periodically.

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