After the event where my husband tried to murder me, I decided I needed to understand myself. I knew that I would need help doing so. I sought out a family therapist. Through belief in myself, my journey, and my Higher Power, I found that light shines through darkness, but it takes a lot of work. So if you’re feeling like your world is out of sorts, I encourage you to find your inner strength in whatever way works best for you. For me it was dealing with co-dependency using Melody Beattie’s books CODEPENDENT NO MORE, BEYOND CODEPENCENCY and CODEPENDENTS’ GUIDE TO THE TWELVE STEPS. I also learned about psychopaths with Dr. Hare’s book WITHOUT CONSCIENCE and sociopaths with Dr. Martha Stout’s book THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR. And I reconnected with my past which tied to the present in the amazing book RECOVERY OF YOUR INNER CHILD by Dr. Capacchione.

RECOVERY ISSUES AND SUPORT FOR VICTIMS OF PSYCHOPATHS: EXCELLENT SITE A working coalition of psychopathy researchers, mental health professionals, victims and family of those whose lives, health, and/or careers have been placed at risk or negatively impacted by psychopathy. On this site you will find a moderated forum, a radio blog and informational resources.

SAFER RELATIONSHIPS.COM: The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Psychopathy Education was created to provide education and support to reduce harm in pathological, violent, addicted, or abusive relationships. It also exists to bring public education about the least discussed disorders of psychopathology and how the general public can understand, detect, and protect themselves from people with these threatening kinds of disorders. Sandra Brown is an accredit therapist who has been involved with helping victims of psychopathy for over 30 years. Two of her books are feature on this page. Sign up for the excellent free newsletter for tips on recovery from antisocials.

LOVE FRAUD: This website teaches people how to recognize and avoid sociopaths and narcissists. Sign up for the free newsletter for tips on recovery from sociopaths and narcissists.

NARCISSISTIC ABUSE RECOVERY: A FORUM FOR SURVIVORS OF A RELATIONSHIP WITH A NARCISSIST OR PSYCHOPATH If you have been in a chosen or unchosen relationship with a narcissist or psychopath, this site will provide a learning and support environment of compassionate understanding, where we help each other learn, adjust.

RECOVERY ISSUES AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Melody Beattie’s site is a resource for recovery issue, spiritual growth, writing and more. You’ll find a library containing descriptions of her bestselling books including “Codependent No More” and “Language of Letting Go.” Aspiring and experienced fiction and non-fiction writers won’t want to miss The Muse.

RECOVERY OF YOUR INNER CHILD: Dr. Lucia Capac Chione is a Registered Art Therapist, workshop leader and best-selling author of thirteen books. Her innovative methods spark and nurture creativity in all areas of life. She originated healing through writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand and it was her book “Recovery of Your Inner Child” that propelled me through recovery as I worked on myself and faithfully did the exercises.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (MAYO CLINIC HEALTH INFORMATON): Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severer anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thought about the event. Many people who go through traumatic events have difficulty adjusting and coping for a while. But with tine and taking care of oneself such traumatic reactions usually get better. Getting treatment as soon as possible after post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms develop may prevent long-term PTSD.

VERBAL ABUSE: This site is dedicated to the recognition and prevention of verbal abuse in homes, schools and workplaces. Verbal abuse includes withholding, bullying, defaming, defining, trivializing, harassing, interrogating, accusing, blaming, clocking, countering, diverting, lying, berating, taunting, putting down, edifying, discounting, threatening, name-calling, yelling and raging. Patricia Evans is the author of the popular “The Verbally Abusive Relationship.”

SAFE AND SOUND: For over 40 years this San Francisco program has partnered with local nonprofits to pioneer an approach to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact. It delivers services, develops polices, and works to improve the systems which respond to families with young children exposed to violence.

PSYCHOPATH-RESEARCH.COM:  The goal of this site is to provide information currently available on the subject of Psychopaths.   We all learn each time someone describes their real life experience or presents questions to the group.  This site hopes you will share your experience and/or questions with the forum when you are comfortable.

DIRECTORY OF CRIME VICTIM SERVICES: This online resource is from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Since its launch in 2003, the Directory has helped thousands of crime victims and service providers find non-emergency crime victims service agencies in the United States and abroad. Search by State or Country. Go to the home page and click “Search the Directory.”

GUIDES FOR DOMESTIC ABUSE WHEN DRUG ADDICTION IS INVOLVED: Most substance abusers are not abusive toward their partners. However, a large number of people who abuse their partners also engage in substance abuse. This site offers sections on Causes of Domestic Abuse, Link between Domestic and Substance Abuse, Coping with Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Addictions, Barriers to Treatment, Treating Substance Use Disorders & Domestic Abuse, and Resources for Victims.

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