Survival Tips

Think of survival tips as red flags that warn us of impending danger.
To ignore them many cause us mental, physical and/or financial pain.
The internet makes it easy to check out someone before you get too heavily involved.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

If he says he’s divorced, check him out.

Trust your Inner Voice – DO NOT ignore it.

If he says he owns real estate, check it out.

If he talks constantly about military exploits, be suspicious.

Don’t let loneliness make you vulnerable when you meet someone new.

If he says he has family, meet them within a reasonable amount of time.

If he tells you he abused animals when he was a child, show him the door.

If he moves in too soon and with very little possessions, be very suspicious.

If he has too many impossible stories, check them out as best you can. He is good at lying.

If he changes his story too quickly when put on the spot, remember that he is good at lying.

If he wants to borrow money or credit cards, say NO then ask yourself why he needs to do so.

If you’re coming out of a bad relationship, learn about yourself first before seeking out another.

If you doubt what’s happening with him, talk to someone you trust. Silence only helps the antisocial.

If he says you’re crazy when you say something doesn’t make sense, trust yourself. You are not crazy.

When you meet someone, do not share all of your life right away. This gives him information to trap you.

If you’re with someone who wants you to eliminate family and friends from your life, kick him out of your life.

If he says he works for the FBI or CIA without proof, run as fast as you can. His saying it does not make it true.

If he tells sad stories for sympathy, be brave and don’t get sucked in. You don’t need to fix another’s problems.

Look out for the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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