My Writing Journey

I remember the exact day I decided to become a writer. It was in 1991. I sat in a hotel room in Indianapolis on a rainy summer Sunday afternoon and tried to make sense out of what had happened to me, and how my life had spiraled so far out of control that my husband of nine years sat in prison, convicted of trying to murder me. Then it came to me. I needed to share my experience to help others. I needed to write a book. Little did I realize that my story was far from over. But I had taken the first step – I had found my passion. After I had found my passion, I used patience and persistence to reach my publication goal. I decided that I needed to learn how to write. I used books, workshops and editors to hone my craft. Networking is important and I found my NY agent through a contact from a workshop that I had attended. She sold my manuscript in 3 days.

Writing Your Story

Many women express an interest in writing their story for publication. I have put together a list of items to be considered when embarking on such a project. It comes from my experience of how I got published, but each person’s journey is different and one must adjust for her own circumstances. THOUGHTS ON HOW TO WRITE YOUR STORY

Writing Groups – Workshops – Internet Sites

My journey to becoming a published author involved learning about the craft and the industry. Of course the writing and publishing world has changed drastically since I wrote my book, so I have included up-to-date links that you may find most helpful. INTERNET SITES ON THE CRAFT OF WRITING AND THE CURRENT PUBLISHING WORLD

Books about Writing and Publishing

There are many books about writing and one could spend a fortune, let alone have enough time to read them all. Follow the link below for a list books that I found helpful in my writing and publishing journey. I also list some that I have come across as I continue to educate myself about the constantly changing publishing world.

Publicity – Publicity – Publicity

You’ve written your book. You’ve published your book. Now you need to sell your book. And, for the most part, it is up to you. If you are traditionally published, your publisher may give you some limited assistance in booking engagements. But unless you are a famous author, do not expect financial assistance for any book tour you or the publisher put together. For non-traditional publishing, the task is even more daunting. Publishing is a moving target and social media has opened a huge opportunity for authors. There are many websites and books that can you lead you through the process. Events I did for A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL

Luck is the residue of planning
and hard work. You must
do the work to succeed.

Writer's Retreat Workshop Bristol, CT

Use the four P’s of passion, planning, patience and persistence to make your
writing dreams come true.

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